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Caring Volunteers with Warm Hearts Needed, CONCORD, MA

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Project Manager

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Event Tabler and Party Planner

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Creative Workshop Leader - Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy

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Recruitment Director
Green Corps
• Anyone with a mind for organizing can excel. Green Corps graduates hold a broad range of undergraduate degrees including literature, philosophy, and politics.
• The internet has changed the organizing possibilities for advocacy groups, but nothing can replace the person-to-person experience gained through canvassing and networking.
• A career in advocacy doesn't require graduate study, so start out with an organization that focuses on training, such as the Public Interest Research Group or the Fund for the Public Interest.
Aaron is a Green Corps alumnus who loved the program so much that he stayed with the organization to head up recruitment efforts. With between 2,000-3,000 applicants a year, Green Corps' Field School for Environmental Organizing is very selective. Alumni typically go on to fill some of the most sought-after employment opportunities in organizations around the country. Alumni have become executives for national and international organizations such as Rock the Vote and Greenpeace.

Aaron counts Boston as an excellent community for environmental professionals, with a number of Green Corps alumni staying in the area with organizations such as Corporate Accountability International. A number of large national environmental advocacy groups with a national presence call Boston home. Environmental professionals should list Boston among the best job markets.
National Environmental Law Center
• Jump the experience gap: seek environmental organizing experience in college and improve the chances of moving into an environmental law position soon after graduating.
• A number of environmental law organizations in Boston offer internships for undergraduates and law students alike, such as Environment America, the Conservation Law Foundation, and many others.
• Strong writing skills are a heavily weighted consideration when seeking entry-level work in Environmental Law.
In her work with the National Environmental Law Center, Janine helps national and state citizen groups seek representation for a wide range of environmental issues, from cutting harmful air pollution to ensuring our lakes and beaches are healthy and clean. Due to the great number of environmental organizations with offices in Boston, the city offers a highly competitive market for environmental legal practice with excellent employment opportunities.
Executive Director
Charles River Watershed Association
• The Charles River Watershed (CRWA) has a dedicated membership of environmental volunteers. Water monitoring has been ongoing for 17 years. Emerging environmental professionals can gain experience in a number of volunteer capacities, although the most sought after volunteer opportunities have a low rate of turn-over.
• The Charles River Watershed Association takes around 40 interns each year. The high level of training and experience acquired by interns make them exceptionally employable once they enter the job market.
• Environmental professionals seeking networking opportunities in the Boston area have a number of annual events to choose from, put on by organizations such as the Conservation Law Foundation, MassPirg, and the Environmental League of Massachusetts.
The Charles River Watershed Association was recognized for their long history of environmental conservation this year when the Charles River was awarded the International Riverprize. CRWA and its partners in the environmental community have led an ongoing restoration effort that has made the Charles River one of the cleanest urban rivers in the country.

Executive Director Bob Zimmerman listed a number of ongoing CRWA programs that are innovating the way that water is managed. These programs will help make Boston water use more like 'creating a bend in the river', rather than the previous system of treating water diverted from the river and then sending it somewhere else rather than reintroducing it into the watershed.
In partnership with the city of Boston, the Blue Cities program retrofits city streets to allow for treatment of stormwater before it enters the stream. Other CRWA projects bring innovative solutions that will allow for denser urban development and use waste water to create energy.

The CRWA is a trusted voice in the Boston scientific community. When a plan was announced earlier this year to cap off a vacant hospital site on the Charles River, the association voiced concern the possibility of pollutants on the sight required further planning and inspection. The Department of Capital Asset Management has agreed to stay capping efforts and CRWA will work on a plan with the state going forward. "The state has a tremendous amount of respect for our staff," said Zimmerman.

Organizations like CRWA are well connected to a robust Boston environmental community that offers a great market to green collar professionals. For more information on CRWA go to www.crwa.org .
Managing Director
Environmental League Of Massachusetts
• "Being right is just the beginning," is an often quoted maxim that informs Environmental League of Massachusetts's (ELM) efforts to familiarize future environmental leaders with the various legislative channels and key relationships necessary to be effective. Through their Young Environmentalist Program they provide an excellent opportunity for local environmental professionals early in their career to shorten their learning curve.
• ELM offers highly sought-after unpaid internships during the Summer, Fall, And Spring quarters. An intern's capabilities and interests determine the internship trajectory. For graduate students and some very savvy undergraduates, this internship offers the opportunities to garner important contacts and work experience.
• For professionals looking to network, particularly environmental consultants, engineers and scientists, ELM's annual Lawyers and Friends event and annual Earth Night event are valuable opportunites to reach out to other like-minded members of the environmental community.
The Environmental League of Massachusetts has a long history of providing effective environmental leadership in the Commonwealth through a number of policy, advocacy, and legislative programs. On the policy front, ELM has helped garner broad popular support for an update to Massachusetts's hugely effective Bottle Bill, which awaits legislative action. ELM Managing Director Ken Pruitt said internal polling now indicates a majority of legislators would vote in support of the updated bill.
The current centerpiece of ELM's advocacy efforts is a Global Warming Solutions Project that is working toward a coal-free Massachusetts while expanding energy efficiency and ending subsidies for carbon emissions. As a strong supporter of the Massachusetts Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2020, ELM has advocated strongly for a 25 percent reduction in carbon emissions by that date. In determining a way forward, ELM has worked to maintain an ambitious goal for environmental protections while also allowing for the need to transition the workforce of Massachusetts's coal generating facilities as they are phased out.

ELM's annual Green Budget report works to apprise the state legislature of the funding and expenditures necessary for the state's environmental agencies to do their jobs effectively. "The bottom line is that we exist to be advocates for a healthy environment," said Pruitt. Their history of successful advocacy speaks to the strength of the organization within the Massachusetts environmental community, which continues to offer a competitive job market for environmental professionals.
Republicans For Environmental Protection
• Working as a staffer in a political organization is a good place to get into environmental politics.
• All members of congress employ an environmental legislative assistant.
• You can work on sustainability inside corporations. Look for positions as Corporate Responsibility Officers or Sustainability Officers.
Republicans for Environmental Protection is an organization dedicate to restoring the GOP's great conservation legacy. Rob cites several environmental Republican presidents who established milestones in our nation. Abraham Lincoln protected Yosemite. Ulysses S. Grant created Yellowstone, the first national park. Theodore Roosevelt championed conservation by designating 150 National Forests and five national parks. Even conservative icon Ronald Reagan ratified the Montreal Protocol to protect the Ozone Layer. Rob's expertise is in Republican environmental politics but his advice could just as easily translate to the Democratic Party. While any college major can lead to a career in politics, law degrees are very common and any classes in environmental science would also be helpful. Look for entry level positions as political staffers, at think tanks, or in foundations.
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