These jobs are usually remote and open to online bids. We include these jobs because they are an excellent way to get experience for new grads.
PDF documents rebranding | Elance Job
We have a need for conversion of multiple existing pdf documents to reflect our company branding on two private labeled products. We can supply the Illustrator files for all corporate and product logos so there isn't much creative input necessary...

Category: Design & Multimedia > Brochures
Type and Budget: Hourly ($20 - $30 / hr)
Time Left: Closed (Ends Jun 23, 2015 20:38 pm ET)
Start Date: Jun 8, 2015
Proposals: 12 (High $30 / hr, Low $20 / hr, Avg $27 / hr)
Graphic Renderings | Elance Job
I am looking for a graphic artist to do a few renderings of our product and put them into some environmental locations for content on our website before our launch. It will be a straight forward job as our machines design is extremely simple.

Category: Design & Multimedia > Graphic Design
Type and Budget: Hourly ($20 - $30 / hr)
Time Left: Closed (Ends Feb 4, 2015 22:10 pm ET)
Start Date: Jan 20, 2015
Proposals: 23 (High $30 / hr, Low $20 / hr, Avg $22 / hr)
High School Environmental Science Notes | Elance Job
I have a set of about 75 Environmental Science questions, from 7 chapters in an online textbook. The answers to the questions can be found directly in the text. I will forward the questions and the link for the online text when the project is aw...

Category: Writing & Translation > Technical Writing
Type and Budget: Fixed price (Not Sure) Escrow
Time Left: Closed (Ends Oct 30, 2014 11:55 am ET)
Start Date: Oct 27, 2014
Proposals: 9 (High $219, Low $55, Avg $137...
Write 3 Press Releases for an NZ Website - TRIAL3 | Elance Job
Reference: SEOTR3-BUSIMMIGRATE We undertake SEO link building and similar activities for our clients. Part of this activity includes the writing of 3 separate (and unique) Press Releases for our client (might talk about the client itself, expans...

Category: Writing & Translation > Press Releases
Type and Budget: Fixed price (About $20) Escrow
Time Left: Closed (Ends Oct 6, 2014 18:52 pm ET)
Start Date: Sep 21, 2014
Proposals: 1 (High $22, Low $22, Avg $22)
Writing about Change Management Solutions (Salesforce related) | Elance Job
Hi, I'm looking for a talented technical writer that will be able to write for our Salesforce blog:   [obscured]  /blog/salesforce. This individual should have a technical background in Salesforce and should understand how the world looks like f...

Category: Writing & Translation > Article Writing
Type and Budget: Fixed price (Less than $500) Escrow
Time Left: Closed (Ends Sep 3, 2014 11:08 am ET)
Start Date: Jun 5, 2014
Proposals: 10 (High $438, Low $30, Avg $...
Forest Restoration Coordinator
Trees Atlanta
• Landscape architecture, forestry, and urban planning majors are good backgrounds for work at a conservation organization. The Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources at University of Georgia is a great place to study. Emory University also has a well regarded program.
• Volunteering is a great way to get your foot in the door in an environmental organization. Standard office skills and an understanding of office software are also useful.
• GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is becoming very important in Forestry jobs. Take classes that teach GIS software such as Arcview
Trees Atlanta has distributed more than 75,000 shade trees and cared for more than 100,000 since the organization was founded in 1985. Trees Atlanta uses a network of volunteers to complete this task. As forest restoration coordinator for Trees Atlanta, Blake Watkins, has an interesting perspective on green careers and good knowledge of Forestry in the Atlanta area.
Deputy Director
Georgia Conservation Voters
• Get a solid background in science. Take classes in environmental policy, biology, and political science.
• The best way to get into an organization like the Georgia League of Conservation Voters is through an internship. It might be beneficial to choose a larger city that has numerous internship opportunities.
• Savannah Tech's Photovoltaic Systems Program is one of the first in the nation. The school offers solar energy installation and repair training.
Georgia Conservation Voters works to elect leaders with conservation values. Emily Thomas, Interim Executive Director, explained that, like similar environmental organizations in other states, Georgia Conservation Voters engages primarily in political activities. They produce a legislative score card that rates Georgia state politicians on various conservation issues. They also hold a legislative summit to address upcoming conservation issues. Georgia is generally a conservative state where it is sometimes more difficult to enact conservation legislation. Emily believes that significant conservation change in Georgia will probably require federal legislation.
Communications Director
Georgia Conservancy
• Georgia Conservancy's Generation Green Program provides an excellent opportunity for young professionals to build hands-on experience, both in the field and through leadership opportunities on the Generation Green Board of Directors.
• The annual Georgia Conservancy ecoBenefĂȘte provides green-collar professionals an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded members of the environmental community.
• Georgia Conservancy hosts interns and is currently working to organize a formal internship program. Anyone looking to volunteer, whether through a formal internship or otherwise, can be sure to find an opportunity with Georgia Conservancy.
Georgia Conservancy has been instrumental in advocating for sustainable urban planning and environmental protections that are producing positive results across the state. Last year, the organization spearheaded advocacy for legislation that gives Georgia the most progressive water conservation policy in the country. In addition, their Blueprints program ensures that not only new urban development, but historic communities are included in sustainability planning. "Older cities lacked this planning mindset," said Communications Director Coleman Wood, "One of the easiest ways we can reduce carbon emissions is by getting people out of their cars."

Georgia's economic growth has recently been affecting its ports and coastal areas as much as its urban communities. The forthcoming widening of the Panama Canal has prompted ports such as Savannah to prepare for the arrival of larger ships by dredging the Savannah River and harbor to add the required depth. Georgia Conservancy has monitored the process, submitted comments regarding the draft Environmental Impact Statement for the project, and will continue advocating for the protection of the health of the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge and its unique species and habitats.
Beyond Georgia's urban centers, Georgia Conservancy is working to extend the Conservation Easement Tax Incentive for the state's rural areas and open spaces. Wood noted that 90 percent of state land is privately owned, which makes this legislation key to promoting land conservation. The Georgia Conservancy has spoken with 400 land owners interested in conserving over 100,000 acres of land this year, and tax incentives for conservation easements help the organization work with land owners to find a mutual beneficial conservation solution.

As one of the larger organizations focused on environmental advocacy at the state level, Georgia Conservancy serves an important role in supporting the states growing environmental community as well as supporting policies that will lead to a sustainable economy and green job growth.
Republicans For Environmental Protection
• Working as a staffer in a political organization is a good place to get into environmental politics.
• All members of congress employ an environmental legislative assistant.
• You can work on sustainability inside corporations. Look for positions as Corporate Responsibility Officers or Sustainability Officers.
Republicans for Environmental Protection is an organization dedicate to restoring the GOP's great conservation legacy. Rob cites several environmental Republican presidents who established milestones in our nation. Abraham Lincoln protected Yosemite. Ulysses S. Grant created Yellowstone, the first national park. Theodore Roosevelt championed conservation by designating 150 National Forests and five national parks. Even conservative icon Ronald Reagan ratified the Montreal Protocol to protect the Ozone Layer. Rob's expertise is in Republican environmental politics but his advice could just as easily translate to the Democratic Party. While any college major can lead to a career in politics, law degrees are very common and any classes in environmental science would also be helpful. Look for entry level positions as political staffers, at think tanks, or in foundations.
National Energy Media Director
Environmental Defense Fund
• Mica attended Columbia Business School and concentrated in Social Enterprise. Look to Ivy League MBA programs for business training in sustainable energy.
• Internships, even unpaid, or other networking opportunities are the key to getting your foot in the door in green and environmental industries.
• MBA and business students should look to Net Impact for networking opportunities in green and environmental industries. Net Impact has chapters on most campuses in many cities, and the web site includes a jobs page.
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), a leading national nonprofit organization, creates transformational solutions to the most serious environmental problems. EDF links science, economics, law, and innovative private-sector partnerships. As National Energy Media Director for the Environmental Defense Fund, Mica Odom has insight into career success in green marketing. Mica points to the success of past EDF campaigns such as the 2007 landmark deal that canceled eight coal-fired power plants proposed in Texas and adopted an unprecedented set of environmental initiatives, preventing 57 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

Mica's career highlights the importance of business skills in the green and environmental industry. MBA programs in both the Ivy League and state schools are offering innovative programs that highlight green and environmental business training. The economic push from MBA students trained in sustainable business models is currently demonstrating the viability of green career fields such as engineering, green building, renewable energy finance, green marketing, and philanthropic foundations with an environmental focus.
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