President And Chief Executive Officer
San Diego Regional Chamber Of Commerce
• The San Diego Chamber, the largest chamber of commerce on the west coast, has a Green Business Alliance, which is a great resource for green-collar professionals looking to network.
• Both the University of California, San Diego and San Diego State University have put considerable focus on sustainable energy. Look into their community partnerships for career channel ideas.
• The Urban Land Institute is very active in San Diego sustainability efforts, and are a good source for information on local networking.
When the recent recession hit San Diego, says Ruben Barrales, President of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, the damage to the local economy could have been much worse. Ruben credits the local renewable energy and energy efficiency presence with helping to create some construction projects during the recession to help keep the local economy afloat. San Diego is a leading solar industry market, both in terms of municipal and private economic development. The large-scale Sunrise Powerlink project will create a transmission line linking solar, geothermal, and wind farms to San Diego Gas and Electric's grid.

A number of national and international solar manufacturing and installation companies are relocating to San Diego as a result of the increased demand for solar.

Ruben suggests the expansion of companies like Japan-based Kyocera to San Diego will provide a boost to the local green economy. Another major contributor to local green development is Cleantech San Diego, which Ruben cites as one of the top ten clean technology organizations in the world. Beyond energy projects, Ruben also pointed to the development of the Carlsbad Desalinization Plant, which will provide up to 10 percent of San Diego's water supply as the project ramps up. A second, even larger potential desalinization project is currently undergoing initial studies as well.

All of this momentum makes San Diego a prime market for green professionals.
Vice President
San Diego Environmental Professionals
• Network with local professional organizations such as the Industrial Environmental Association, the California Waste Association, the Professional Environmental Marketing Association, and the Association for Environmental and Health Sciences Foundation.
• Job seekers with a background in the hard sciences should also look into the thriving marine chemistry industry in San Diego.
• Intern like crazy! Any experiential background is key for environmental science professionals.
Roger coordinates speaking events from a pool of over 500 members running the gamut of environmental science fields, including environmental layers and consultants, waste transportation scientists, and ground water evaluation scientists. Aspiring environmental professionals can leave their resume with San Diego Environmental Professionals and are encouraged to network at speaking events.

Several energy projects and initiatives are underway in the San Diego Area. Roger pointed to a reverse osmosis plant at Camp Pendelton as a possible source of green job growth. Currently, solar installation projects dominate the green technology job pool. The city has also developed a green business certification program that will drive the green retrofitting economy in coming years.
President And Chief Executive Officer
Green Technology Institute
• Food Security is a growing global concern. Vertical greenhouse technology is here and has a real future.
• Los Angeles is a hub for new electric car technology, but mechanics will also be needed for green car retrofitting.
• 3D software engineers will be needed to create programs like Google Earth that can help develop strategies for eco-design and energy efficiency.
Les Hamasaki founded the Green Technology Institute with 20 years of experience working in renewable energy planning with the City of Los Angeles. Now he's turned his energy to training the next generation of the green technology workforce. Les believes that the Los Angeles area has a bright green business future: "The Inland Empire is going to be the Saudi Arabia of green industry in the U.S. All of the major green industries will be there. Currently, the majority of the people who live in the Inland Empire are commuting into Los Angeles for jobs. By creating a local industrial base, we will be able to cut down on the work force's commute and lower pollution in the area." Local manufacturing will likely include LED lighting, Solar-voltaic cell, and biofuel and biomass technologies.

Les also points to Los Angeles efforts to draw clean tech business to an industrial corridor under redevelopment along the Los Angeles River. Les believes this corridor could become the 'Main Street' for the green economy in Los Angeles with light rail connecting new green housing developments to clean tech campuses.
Interim Director
Clean Tech Los Angeles
• Clean Tech Los Angeles is a central hub for the growing environmental business cluster in Los Angeles.
• Network at events held by organizations such as The Los Angeles Sustainable Business Council and the Green Drinks meet-up.
• To find work in environmental and green policy, start out by volunteering for a local official's campaign, and gradually build your environmental policy background.
As a clean tech specialist in the Los Angeles Mayor's Office, Alex collaborates with clean tech entrepreneurs, university research programs, and government officials to develop policies that will grow the future clean technology industry. The city is currently developing a Cleantech Corridor that will include a twenty acre industrial park, a cleantech business incubator, technology research center, and offices for Clean Tech Los Angeles. Clean Tech Los Angeles is attracting national and international prospective clean tech companies to the City. Los Angeles is also currently working to integrate existing businesses into the green economy by retrofitting buildings, bringing energy systems up to LEED certification standard set by the U.S. Green Building Council and offering incentives to businesses that install energy efficiency and renewable energy systems. Alex says the city will also be a major hub for smart-grid installations and electric vehicle manufacturing. All of these areas of green business make Los Angeles an attractive market for green-collar workers. Expect Los Angeles to be a leading green economy as programs like Clean Tech Los Angeles mature.
Executive Director
Port Tech LA
• Consider attending a graduate program at a university that runs a clean technology incubator. Often, universities offer graduate business students work-study opportunities that can lead to employment with one of the incubator start-up companies.
• Start your own business. In order to run a technology incubator you need to first acquire entrepreneurial experience and couple that with a hard science degree and a graduate business degree.
• Research emerging technologies. For instance, cold ironing technology will potentially create many green jobs as ports seek cost-cutting measures by transitioning to more sustainable energy-grids to replace their old generators.
Jeff works on the front line of clean tech business development in Los Angeles and says that there are many emerging industries beyond the current leaders: wind, solar, hydro, biofuel, etc. These technologies will transform ports around the country. Companies at Port Tech Los Angeles are using algae as biofuel and developing engine filters that drastically cut down on the particulate matter produced by the large number of freight trucks and vessels coming in and out of Los Angeles. In the future, Jeff expects port cranes will be able to recapture potential energy by installing generators in the crane gears.

The incubator program expects to mentor around 15 start-ups at any given time as it grows to capacity. In the first couple of years these start-ups can ad 3-5 employees on average. In the following few years after leaving the program those businesses potentially grow to 30-40 employees. Expect substantial grown in clean tech hiring as organizations like Port Tech Los Angeles usher more start-ups into the Los Angeles green economy.
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