Customer Service Manager
Bergey Windpower
• Get hands-on experience. If you are looking for training as a wind turbine technician, make sure that the program has a wind turbine and a tower on site.
• New Mexico State University's College of Engineering is becoming known for their wind program. They were awarded a $2 million grant for equipment to develop large-scale wind blade and component test facilities.
• Look oversees. The European market for wind energy is more developed that the US market. Wind Turbine technology is moving quickly in countries such as Holland.
Bergey Energy, a prominent Oklahoma wind energy company, is a pioneer in the Wind Turbine market. Bergey Energy developed from wind turbine research at the University of Oklahoma in the 1970s. Today, Bergey sells and manufactures wind turbines that are used around the world, including such far flung markets as Kenya, Romania, and Fiji.
Managing Director Of Philanthropy
The Nature Conservancy
• Some aspects of environmental philanthropy management are similar to marketing and sales jobs. Marketing and public speaking might be useful areas of study.
• The University of Miami has a well regarded philanthropy program in the the Division of Continuing Studies.
• Corporate responsibility departments might be a good place to look for growth and opportunity in the coming years.
Miami and the entire South Florida area have a multitude of amazing natural resources, such as Lake Okeechobee, the Everglades, coral reefs, and marine wildlife that need the help and resources of dedicated environmental professionals such as Karen Dudley. Fund raising is the life blood of environmental non-profits, and Karen pointed out that it requires more of a sales and marketing background than other green jobs.

One of the more innovative approaches to environmental fund raising in the Miami area is the Leave a Legacy program. Individuals are encouraged to leave part of their estate to environmental charities. Corporate responsibility programs have grown in popularity in recent years, allowing for job openings for corporate responsibility officers. In addition, South Florida Power and Light has been a leader in innovative energy programs.
Solar Source Institute
• Get training at the Solar Power Institute: The Solar Source Institute offers NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certified classes for technicians, including online classes.
• Plumbers, electricians, and workers in the construction trade are augmenting their skills and earning power with training in solar installation.
• Renewable energy programs, including solar technologies, are heavily driven by government policy. Look to changes in state, local, and federal policy as indicators of potential areas of job growth in the solar energy industry.
Solar Source has been in business in the Tampa Bay area since 1984. Rick Gilbert is executive vice president of Solar Source and president of the Solar Source Institute, an organization that provides solar education, distributes solar energy systems, and offers solar contracting services.

Solar Source built the largest solar pool heating system in the world in Mazatlan, Mexico, the largest solar powered pool in City of St. Cloud, Florida, and the largest roof top megawatt photovoltaic system in the Southeast.

The Solar Source Institute is the educational wing of Solar Source and offers solar energy classes, including NABCEP Authorized Training. Certified training is increasingly important as the job market becomes more competitive.
Business Manager
Solar Energy International
• Take classes at Solar Energy International. Workshops are offered in solar, thermal, green building, and even hydro technologies. Classes are offered in twelve locations around the US.
• Roofers can improve their skills by taking classes in solar energy installation.
• Solar energy installation and commercial size energy efficiency projects are the hottest areas of green technology.
Solar Energy International has been providing education in solar and other renewable energy technologies for 20 years. They have become one of the premiere institutions for accredited renewable energy workshops and offer classes in a number of locations.

Business manager Sandy Pickard highlighted the important work this non-profit does through their educational mission. Solar Energy International has expanded to include workshops in solar electric, solar thermal, micro-hydro, and wind energy. Classes are also offered online.
Communications Director
Center For A Sustainable Future
• Organic farms offer volunteer positions, and can be good places to learn renewable agriculture.
• Iowa State University has a great educational resource: The Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State is a great place to learn about the newest advances in sustainable agriculture.
• Another excellent resource, The Stone Barn Center, (north of Manhattan) is a non-profit education center and farm. They offer education for sustainable agriculture.
The Center for a Livable Future (CLF) at John's Hopkins university works in research, educational outreach, and community action targeted at "farming, eating, and living for our future." As Communication Manager for the CLF, Chris Stevens works daily in support of these goals.

Sustainable, or resilient, farming has recently gained exposure with the continued environmental and health problems associated with factory farming. In essence, much of sustainable farming is really a "return to traditional farming," Chris explained. In traditional, or sustainable, farming, animals are not raised in a factory environment in very confined spaces and large amounts of dangerous antibiotics and pesticides are avoided.
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