Program Associate
Environmental Ohio
• Since 2001, The University of Toledo has been home to a clean and alternative energy incubator that has become known for advancing solar technology. University of Toledo is a great place to study solar tech.
• Oberlin College is a great school for students that want to be trained in environmental activism and community organizing.
• Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman has worked to bring electric vehicle manufacturing jobs to Ohio. Look to electric vehicle manufacturing as a growth industry in Ohio.
Environment Ohio is a key member of the Ohio green community, with success in recent years bringing advances to the green economy, such as their work on passage of the 2008 Ohio renewable energy standard. This policy dictates that 12.5 percent of the state's electricity must come from clean sources of electricity like wind and solar by 2025. In addition, Ohio will reduce cumulative energy consumption by 22 percent.

Julian Boggs is a Program Associate at Environment Ohio, where he and other dedicated environmentalists work to protect Ohio's air, water, and open spaces. As part of their mission, Environment Ohio strives to build support for renewable energy solutions. Julian says Ohio's strong public support of clean energy standards will require green energy training for the workforce.

The state is already seeing the first benefits of green investment with CODA, a California based electric car battery manufacturer, announcing plans to build an automotive-grade lithium-ion battery systems plant in Ohio. With the leadership of local and national politicians, an experienced heavy manufacturing base, and a strong need to create new jobs, Ohio is a good place to look for future growth in the green business sector.
Program Director
Ohio Citizen Action
• Look into jobs and internships with grassroots organizations. Ohio Citizen Action has both openings year-round in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati.
• Make sure you have great communication skills. Environmental organizations require solid writing and speaking skills. Any course that you can take in college that improves communication skills will be valuable.
• Ohio will see growth in many areas of the green economy. Ohio is coal country, and needs to work to find renewable clean energy sources to replace it now. Ohio also has a large manufacturing base, which already includes work in the electric car and wind industries. This base provides potential for huge growth in the renewable energy and technology fields.
Ohio Citizen Action has also been very active in the coal industry, including fighting mountaintop removal coal mining. In 2007, they were part of the largest environmental lawsuit in history, which forced American Electric Power to clean up their power plants or close them down if they couldn't. Ohio Citizen Action is an 80,000 member strong organization that has been cleaning up industrial polluters, teaching leadership skills to communities, and fighting for fair utility rates for consumers since 1975.
Naturalist Caretaker
Wilderness Center
• A good general education is important for a career in an organization like the Wilderness Center. Courses in botany and forestry can be helpful.
• The Wilderness Center has hires interns, with recent alumni of the intern program from Hocking College, a technical college located in Nelsonville, Ohio and the Agricultural Technology Institute at Ohio State University.
• Hands-on training and volunteering is important for a career in an organization like the Wilderness Center.
The Wilderness Center conserves close to 4,500 acres of land in the form of trails and open spaces and its nature programs provide educational exposure to 15,000 students each year. The Center hosts a number of annual events and is an excellent resource for environmentally minded professionals.
Republicans For Environmental Protection
• Working as a staffer in a political organization is a good place to get into environmental politics.
• All members of congress employ an environmental legislative assistant.
• You can work on sustainability inside corporations. Look for positions as Corporate Responsibility Officers or Sustainability Officers.
Republicans for Environmental Protection is an organization dedicate to restoring the GOP's great conservation legacy. Rob cites several environmental Republican presidents who established milestones in our nation. Abraham Lincoln protected Yosemite. Ulysses S. Grant created Yellowstone, the first national park. Theodore Roosevelt championed conservation by designating 150 National Forests and five national parks. Even conservative icon Ronald Reagan ratified the Montreal Protocol to protect the Ozone Layer. Rob's expertise is in Republican environmental politics but his advice could just as easily translate to the Democratic Party. While any college major can lead to a career in politics, law degrees are very common and any classes in environmental science would also be helpful. Look for entry level positions as political staffers, at think tanks, or in foundations.
National Energy Media Director
Environmental Defense Fund
• Mica attended Columbia Business School and concentrated in Social Enterprise. Look to Ivy League MBA programs for business training in sustainable energy.
• Internships, even unpaid, or other networking opportunities are the key to getting your foot in the door in green and environmental industries.
• MBA and business students should look to Net Impact for networking opportunities in green and environmental industries. Net Impact has chapters on most campuses in many cities, and the web site includes a jobs page.
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), a leading national nonprofit organization, creates transformational solutions to the most serious environmental problems. EDF links science, economics, law, and innovative private-sector partnerships. As National Energy Media Director for the Environmental Defense Fund, Mica Odom has insight into career success in green marketing. Mica points to the success of past EDF campaigns such as the 2007 landmark deal that canceled eight coal-fired power plants proposed in Texas and adopted an unprecedented set of environmental initiatives, preventing 57 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

Mica's career highlights the importance of business skills in the green and environmental industry. MBA programs in both the Ivy League and state schools are offering innovative programs that highlight green and environmental business training. The economic push from MBA students trained in sustainable business models is currently demonstrating the viability of green career fields such as engineering, green building, renewable energy finance, green marketing, and philanthropic foundations with an environmental focus.
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