Senior Business Manager
Own Energy
• Wind energy developers at companies like Own Energy require good interpersonal skills, as they frequently communicate with local development partners.
• Risk management is an important skill set for job candidates in energy development fields where there are no guarantees that projects will succeed.
• The American Wind Energy Industry Association (AWEIA), the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE), and Wind on the Wires are all excellent networking organizations for those looking for employment in the wind energy industry.
New York-based Own Energy practices a unique business partnership model that is drawing attention to the economic potential of community wind projects, (generally ranging between 10-80 megawatts.) One of the early setbacks in the development of wind energy in the United States stemmed from the relatively small boost that corporate wind developments often brought the local economies in which the wind farms were being built. As a result, NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) attitudes toward wind energy development became an increasing drag on the industry.

Own Energy's business structure acknowledges the need to include local communities in both the process and potential profit of wind energy development. Under their partnership model, local entrepreneurs take on the role of lead development representative and build local support as well as the capital and land agreements to ensure that each community wind project receives the best chance to succeed.

Founded in 2007 with a staff of four, the company has since grown to an office of 16. With experts in project development, finance, geographic information systems, and engineering, among others, jobs at companies like Own Energy will be crucial to the growth of the wind energy industry.
Customer Service Manager
Bergey Windpower
• Get hands-on experience. If you are looking for training as a wind turbine technician, make sure that the program has a wind turbine and a tower on site.
• New Mexico State University's College of Engineering is becoming known for their wind program. They were awarded a $2 million grant for equipment to develop large-scale wind blade and component test facilities.
• Look oversees. The European market for wind energy is more developed that the US market. Wind Turbine technology is moving quickly in countries such as Holland.
Bergey Energy, a prominent Oklahoma wind energy company, is a pioneer in the Wind Turbine market. Bergey Energy developed from wind turbine research at the University of Oklahoma in the 1970s. Today, Bergey sells and manufactures wind turbines that are used around the world, including such far flung markets as Kenya, Romania, and Fiji.
Founder And President
The Cloud Institute For Sustainability Education
• Sustainability educators look for employees to demonstrate out-of-the-box thinking paired with a capacity for systems thinking and teaching and learning skills.
• A growing need: sustainability coordinators will be in demand as schools ramp up planning for sustainability and start retrofitting their facilities to green certification standards.
• Get specific: Green Drinks is a good meet-up to get started networking, but ultimately reaching out to industry specific organizations will bring the best results. The Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE); the American Sustainable Business Council and Social Ventures Network are good sources for sustainable businesses.
"All jobs in the future will be green jobs, or they won't exist," says Jaimie Cloud, founder of The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education. Educating for sustainability is an essential step in building a green economy. The Cloud Institute works with educational institutions in the pre-kindergarten to 12th grade range to enact sustainable organizational change, develop curriculum that educates for sustainability, and to develop authentic relationships between administrators, educators, students, and their communities.

Jaimie believes the greening of the U.S. educational system will create many jobs in New York and around the world. Among the growing list of colleges teaching sustainability, she lists Columbia University's Teachers College and Earth Institute and the Pratt Institute's Environmental Planning, Policy, and Sustainability programs as indicators of New York's prominence in the growing sustainability job sector.
Senior Policy Analyst
New York City Mayor's Office Of Long-Term Planning And Sustainability
• New York has private and state-sponsored clean technology incubators, such as Polytechnic Institute of New York University's NYC ACRE program, that host networking events.
• The Mayor's Office partners with the Urban Green Council, a major networking channel.
• The city and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority work with the various City University of New York campuses, making these schools an excellent option for aspiring green professionals.
As Energy and Green Building Policy Analyst for the New York City Mayor's Office, Hilary works on legislation to address energy efficiency in existing buildings. She also works with architects, engineers, building owners, and property managers to improve the city's energy efficiency and green building standards. Her colleagues in the Mayor's Office are providing similar assistance in other areas of green business through programs such as Green Light New York, an upcoming lighting resource center. In addition to green retrofitting, clean tech incubators, and clean tech research at New York's world-class academic institutions, New York's sustainability policies make the city a leading market for green jobs.
Public Relations And Communications
Community Environmental Center
• Learn weatherization skills. As the holder of New York State's largest weatherization contract, the Community Environmental Center can attest to the demand for energy efficiency specialists.
• Learn how to conduct energy audits. Many of New York's aging structures need to be checked for air leaks, electrical efficiency, and water quality.
• Blaze your own trail: if you possess the proper qualifications, you may be able to start your own Green Training and Assistance program at organizations like a local YMCA.
Community Environmental Center's Alexis Greene works with local government, green building and training organizations, and local community leaders to increase visibility for Community Environmental Center's energy efficiency assistance programs for low-income communities.

The center also offers green workforce training in energy efficiency, partnering with Green City Force to prepare youth from low-income backgrounds for sustainable careers. As a major provider of green building and energy efficiency consultation, Community Environmental Center is a leader in New York's green building community. Their success suggests that emerging professionals should place high consideration on the New York green building market.
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