Communications Manager
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
• Massachusetts Clean Energy Center maintains a list of training seminars covering energy efficiency and renewable energy skill sets for contractors and trade workers hosted by Masachussetts community colleges, a collaboration between these organizations called the MassGreen Initiative.
• Green-collar professionals looking to network and stay informed on the latest in clean energy can search for upcoming conferences and other events on Massachusetts Clean Energy Center's website.
• The Massachusetts Clean Energy Internship Opportunity Program places students and recent graduates with clean energy companies around the state. Prospective applicants can learn more at www.cleanenergyeducation.org.
A 2011 report written for the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center indicates that, as a leading green economy, Massachusetts will continue to expect a robust clean energy job growth rate of 15 percent through the current fiscal year. Communications Manager Kate Pluord explained that the statistics compiled for the report went outside the 'known universe' of clean energy to include companies that did not identify themselves as clean energy companies but that had employees or were involved in business interactions that affected the state's clean energy cluster.The report findings demonstrate the reach of the clean energy community's influence on the greater Massachussetts economy.

Organizations like Massachusetts Clean Energy Center are working to ensure that Massachusetts continues to be an excellent market for green jobs. They act as a partner, clearinghouse and connector for people in the clean energy sector, making direct investments in clean energy companies, building a strong clean energy workforce, and supporting responsibly sited renewable energy projects across the Commonwealth. Green professionals looking to start a career in the clean energy sector can learn more about Massachusetts Clean Energy Center's workforce development programs at www.masscec.com or find training opportunities in their area at www.cleanenergyeducation.org.
Business Manager
Solar Energy International
• Take classes at Solar Energy International. Workshops are offered in solar, thermal, green building, and even hydro technologies. Classes are offered in twelve locations around the US.
• Roofers can improve their skills by taking classes in solar energy installation.
• Solar energy installation and commercial size energy efficiency projects are the hottest areas of green technology.
Solar Energy International has been providing education in solar and other renewable energy technologies for 20 years. They have become one of the premiere institutions for accredited renewable energy workshops and offer classes in a number of locations.

Business manager Sandy Pickard highlighted the important work this non-profit does through their educational mission. Solar Energy International has expanded to include workshops in solar electric, solar thermal, micro-hydro, and wind energy. Classes are also offered online.
VP Sales And Marketing
Native Energy
• Look at social responsibility positions in large companies. Many companies are concerned about our energy future and their public image. Corporate responsibility positions will continue to be an area of continued job growth.
• Ceres (ceres.org) is a good place to look for companies interested in sustainability. BSR (The Business of a Better World) is an extensive network of sustainable companies and a good resource for job seekers.
• Check out schools with green and sustainability programs. The University of Vermont, Middlebury College, and St. Michael's College have excellent environmental programs.
Native Energy is a developer and seller of carbon credits. Carbon credits allow for the funding of renewable energy projects and reduce the amount of energy required from fossil fuels. When a company buys carbon offsets they are funding a project such as a wind farm or a methane digester and thus offsetting the effect of their own pollution. In the last 10 years, Native Energy clients have helped build a remarkable 48 projects including wind, biogas, and solar.
Recruitment Director
Green Corps
• Anyone with a mind for organizing can excel. Green Corps graduates hold a broad range of undergraduate degrees including literature, philosophy, and politics.
• The internet has changed the organizing possibilities for advocacy groups, but nothing can replace the person-to-person experience gained through canvassing and networking.
• A career in advocacy doesn't require graduate study, so start out with an organization that focuses on training, such as the Public Interest Research Group or the Fund for the Public Interest.
Aaron is a Green Corps alumnus who loved the program so much that he stayed with the organization to head up recruitment efforts. With between 2,000-3,000 applicants a year, Green Corps' Field School for Environmental Organizing is very selective. Alumni typically go on to fill some of the most sought-after employment opportunities in organizations around the country. Alumni have become executives for national and international organizations such as Rock the Vote and Greenpeace.

Aaron counts Boston as an excellent community for environmental professionals, with a number of Green Corps alumni staying in the area with organizations such as Corporate Accountability International. A number of large national environmental advocacy groups with a national presence call Boston home. Environmental professionals should list Boston among the best job markets.
National Environmental Law Center
• Jump the experience gap: seek environmental organizing experience in college and improve the chances of moving into an environmental law position soon after graduating.
• A number of environmental law organizations in Boston offer internships for undergraduates and law students alike, such as Environment America, the Conservation Law Foundation, and many others.
• Strong writing skills are a heavily weighted consideration when seeking entry-level work in Environmental Law.
In her work with the National Environmental Law Center, Janine helps national and state citizen groups seek representation for a wide range of environmental issues, from cutting harmful air pollution to ensuring our lakes and beaches are healthy and clean. Due to the great number of environmental organizations with offices in Boston, the city offers a highly competitive market for environmental legal practice with excellent employment opportunities.
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