Vice President For Communications And Government Affairs
EDP Renewables
• As an industry leader, EDP Renewables employs a team of over 300. While smaller companies look for wind energy generalists, to a degree, job openings at EDP Renewables consist mostly of technical positions.
• Current openings call for a high level of expertise. Core competencies among the companies team members span operations, transmission, integration, science, and engineering.
• EDP Renewables offers internships as opportunities arise. Internships provide an excellent footing for a career in the energy sector. Visit the company website for more information.
EDP Renewables is a leading renewable energy company, bringing hundreds of megawatts of clean energy online around the country every year. Around 200 megawatts were produced this year, despite a down economy, with an additional 200 megawatts projected for the upcoming year. Vice President for Communications and Government Affairs Roby Roberts said that when it comes to making clean energy a competitive player in the overall energy market, EDP renewable is a leader. "We are very active in the industry. We have a robust policy and regulatory group, which is extremely important, and we're active with regional clean energy advocates."

EDP Renewables was an early supporter of green business practices, as their Houston office demonstrated, being the first LEED-CI Silver rated project in the city. "We believe in walking the talk," Roberts said, "We want to be as consistent as we can to promote the values that define us." Houston has a consolidated energy presence, and companies like EDP Renewables provide a competitive job market for green collar professionals.
Customer Service Manager
Bergey Windpower
• Get hands-on experience. If you are looking for training as a wind turbine technician, make sure that the program has a wind turbine and a tower on site.
• New Mexico State University's College of Engineering is becoming known for their wind program. They were awarded a $2 million grant for equipment to develop large-scale wind blade and component test facilities.
• Look oversees. The European market for wind energy is more developed that the US market. Wind Turbine technology is moving quickly in countries such as Holland.
Bergey Energy, a prominent Oklahoma wind energy company, is a pioneer in the Wind Turbine market. Bergey Energy developed from wind turbine research at the University of Oklahoma in the 1970s. Today, Bergey sells and manufactures wind turbines that are used around the world, including such far flung markets as Kenya, Romania, and Fiji.
Zero Waste Alliance
• Recycling is about markets. You need to understand how markets can use recycled material in order to understand recycling.
• Policy is very important to recycling. An educational background in policy can be useful.
Executive Director
North Texas Chapter Green Building Council
• Volunteer at organizations like the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). The USGBC has chapters in most large metropolitan areas. The American Institute of Architecture is also a good place to find information.
• Updates in building code will drive new jobs in green building. Cities are adopting stricter building green building codes. Many cities now require LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) ratings for new city-owned construction projects.
• The ability to find the ROI (Return on Investment) for a project is a very valuable skill in the green building industry.
The U.S Green Building Council is a national non-profit organization that works to promote sustainability in how buildings are designed, built, and operated. The North Texas chapter of the (USGBC) is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and is led by Executive Director Jonathan Kraatz.
Executive Director
Scenic Houston
• Green tech is a growth industry in Houston. The petrochemical industry is heavily invested in alternative forms of energy and will continue to create green jobs with research facilities in Houston.
• Business in Houston is recognizing the economic value of trees, green landscaping and clean air. Businesses want to locate in a clean attractive environment and this will create new jobs.
• Look to the Houston Green Scene (houstongreenscene.org) for networking opportunities.
Groups like Scenic Houston represent a unique niche in the environmental movement. Scenic Houston incorporates more business support than most green movement organizations. With lax zoning law and strong free enterprise support, Houston developed a concrete and billboard freeway landscape that was both unattractive and unhealthy.

As executive director of Scenic Houston, Anne Culver leads an organization that has improved and beautified Houston with trees and landscaping. With the exception of the billboard industry, Houston businesses are recognizing the economic value of landscaping, trees, and controlled use of signage. Attractive places attract new business, better employees, and more jobs.

Green jobs in Houston will continue to be centered around the petrochemical (oil) industry. After ecological disasters like the BP Gulf oil spill, petrochemical companies need the positive press that investment in green industry creates. Energy companies will need to transition to new and hopefully greener forms of energy as oil supplies dwindle. This should substantially drive the growth of green technologies and green jobs in Houston.
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